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  • Welcome to the official website of Kunshan Nanfu Chemical Co., Ltd.!

    Product Center

    Product Center


    Product Type  Pharmaceutical intermediate
    Product name: Dicyclohexylamine
    Alias: Dodecahydrodiphenylamine; N-cyclohexyl Cyclohexylamine; DCHA
    CAS NO: 101-83-7
    Structural formula:
    Physicochemical properties It is a colorless, transparent oily liquid with strong alkalinity, irritating ammonia smell, flammable and highly toxic. Slightly soluble in water and miscible with organic solvents.
    Relative Density 0.9103 (20/4 ° C).
    The boiling point is 255.8 ° C (decomposition).
    Freezing point -2 °C.
    The refractive index nD (25 ° C) 1.4823. nD (20 ° C) 1.4842.
    A flash point of 96 ° C.
    The use of organic synthetic intermediates, can be used to prepare dye intermediates, rubber accelerators, nitrocellulose lacquers, insecticides, catalysts, preservatives, gas phase corrosion inhibitors and fuel antioxidant additives.
    Toxic This product is highly toxic. It has a strong osmotic odor and is therefore easier to find. The mouse LD50 was 2 g/kg, and the rat LD50 was 3.49 g/kg. Dicyclohexylamine can be absorbed through the skin, causing skin irritation and gangrene. Steam can cause nausea and anesthesia, but it does not cause blood poisoning. Dicyclohexylamine has been reported to cause cancer.The maximum allowable concentration in the workplace air is 10 mg/m3.Production equipment should be sealed to prevent running, running, dripping and leaking. Forced ventilation at the operating site, the operator wears protective gear.
    The packaging and storage are sealed in iron drums with a net weight of 150kg. Store in a cool, ventilated, dry place, isolated from fire, loading and unloading transport should be stored and transported in accordance with flammable and toxic chemicals.
    Uses Used in organic synthesis, also as an insecticide, acid gas absorbent and steel rust inhibitor


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