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  • Welcome to the official website of Kunshan Nanfu Chemical Co., Ltd.!

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    About Us

    Kunshan Nanfu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise integrating research, development, production and trade. Established in November 2014, Kunshan Nanfu now is located in Kunshan City (one of the top-100 comprehensive strength cities in China) of Jiangsu Province. Moreover, we founded a production base in Shouguang Industrial Park of Shandong Province, with modern production facilities and strong technical support. Sticking to such principle of "customer first, quality first", we strive to provide customers with excellent service and high-quality products. At present, our produced and distributed products are highly praised by users and have a high market share; especially, our pharmaceutical intermediates, Antioxidant intermediates, new rubber and plastic auxiliary intermediates, nonionic surfactant intermediates, pesticide intermediates, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, environmental sewage treatment and fine chemicals are well sold in the Chinese market. Stressing on the process control of product quality, we also strive to provide customers with high quality supply chain supporting services and solutions.


    Now, we are mainly engaged in the sales and service of state-controlled precursor chemicals or explosive chemicals and other dangerous chemicals, and have established stable and reliable relations of cooperation with many well-known chemical companies and large-scale refineries.


    "Technology first, quality-oriented, customer first, honest and trustworthy" is the business philosophy of Kunshan Nanfu Chemical Co., Ltd. Our company will always take the needs of customers as the direction of our efforts, constantly strives hard, constantly develops new fields of fine chemicals, and advances towards green new energy, health and environmental protection, and high-tech goals. Kunshan Nanfu Chemical Co., Ltd. is ready to create more value for customers and society.


    The enthusiastic, dedicated, diligent, rigorous, pragmatic and enterprising Nanfu people are waiting for the guidance of colleagues to seek common development, share success and create a bright future!


    • Address: Room 110, Building 1, Henglong International
      Electromechanical Hardware Market, Yushan Town,
      Kunshan City, China
    • Contact: Manager Liu
    • Mobile: +86-18086711191
    • Tel: +86-512-57391110
    • Fax: +86-512-57392220
    • E-mail: 1005395723@qq.com, sales@ksnanfu.com